An unbelievable ”music package”,  An amazing artist, singer songwriter and producer.

Robin Stjernberg was born in Hässleholm in 1991. Already at an early age he realized he loved singing as well as the attention it gave him. At the age of six Robin was already convinced that he wanted to become an artist.

When he was eleven he made his first solo performance at a local talent spotting event. Robin mimed to a song and ended it with a head-spin in front of thousand people in the main square in Hässleholm. He won the competition and so began his talent hunt journey.

“The other kids had parents who pushed them. In my family I was the one pushing my dad to drive me to all the various competitions.”

His dad started driving him to talent spotting shows around the country and he sang everything from Celine Dion and Whitney Houston to Johnny Logan and Aqua (once dressed up as Lene). He did well, winning several competitions and when he was in middle school, he also began writing his own songs. The love song, “Du är en del av mig” (You are a part of me), was sent to Lilla Melodifestivalen, (Young people’s melody festival), and although it wasn’t included in the show, Robin still got to perform his song in front of the jury in Stockholm. That spurred him on to continue with his artist career and to dream about one day being a part of the big Melodifestivalen.

At the age of 14, Robin won a talent scholarship and he spent the money building a small stage in the basement at his home. The money also got him loudspeakers, a CD player and a disco ball. He practiced regularly being coached by his aunt and continued to be taken to talent shows.

”My aunt was a tough coach. She could say, ‘No, now you’re out of tune.’

The next breakthrough came as a 15-year-old. He then sang Johnny Logan’s “Hold Me Now” and won the prestigious competition“Sommarchansen” (The Summer Chance) in Malmö with several hundred participants and thousands in the audience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja8b-59Gz1g). It came with a full-page article in one of the evening papers. That same year Robin got a recording deal and became a part of the boyband What’s Up, in which one of the members was Eric Saade. After three years with the release of several singles and an album, Robin left the band.

During senior high school Robin encountered other influences. He listened to melodic rock as well as hip-hop and urban pop and wrote more of his own material. After school he started a music program at a residential college. The college was in the middle of nowhere and Robin seriously started to write music. He spent many hours learning to play the piano in a chapel in the school. A lot of the songs which were included in his debut album several years later were created there.

Robin felt that he was finished with competing in music, but when TV4 got in touch after having seen him on YouTube, he decided to audition for Swedish Idol. He got all the way to the final and it was an amazing and worthwhile journey. He learned new things as an artist including the ability to stand up for himself and what he wanted from his career.

After the final followed a tour with Idol and when it was over, Robin packed his things and moved to Stockholm to realise his dream of becoming a musical artist. During the period of a year he did various writing sessions, both for himself and for others. One day the song which would become “You” came to him. He immediately felt it was something extra and it was sent to Melodifestivalen.

The song was accepted, and Robin decided to give it his all when he got the chance to fullfil his dream – to perform in Melodifestivalen. He practiced a lot before the big day and wrote a lot of other songs in case of the chance of an album release after the TV show.

”I don’t think I’ve even been as driven as I was during this period

It went well. Really well. In 2013 Robin was the first artist to win Melodifestivalen via the second chance round. The fact that he won was a big shock he wasn’t prepared for and it felt like a dream. The period after the victory was extremely intense. Idol was a good preparation, but the level of attention was on a completely different level now. Robin did TV and radio shows and interviews on a daily basis.

”I was on a very different plane career wise after Melodifestivalen.”

After Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö coming in at 14th place, Robin embarked on an extensive tour. It was a like a long victory procession and celebration after the ESC experience. He performed at festivals around the country with audiences of 15000 people and the “You” single reached triple platinum. That summer the album “Pieces” was released, which reached Gold on its first day.

”The tour after Melodifestivalen is among the most fun things I’ve done.”

After the tour Robin entered a period where he wrote a vast amount of songs and played loads of concerts. He also decided to learn how to produce and spent hours learning the craft. He worked around 15 hours a day, producing and writing songs for other artists as well as collaborating with songwriters, lyric writers and producers.

”I wanted to be independent and learn how to do everything myself.”

The following two years was spent writing for example, ”Ashes” for Italian artist, Sergio Sylvestre – which sold double Platinum – and songs for Jill Johnson, the 2015 Idol winner’s song as well as creating music in different genres.

”I start to realize that I’m an artist and I need an outlet for my creativity.”

In 2016 it suddenly all stopped. Robin lost all his passion and inspiration. He couldn’t create. He went into a depression and even considered giving up working within music.

It took months to regain his strength, but slowly he started to do the simple things he enjoyed but hadn’t taken the time to do earlier, like playing video games and hanging out with friends. Slowly but surely the creativity returned until one day he suddenly wrote the song, “Rain”, which described the previous heavy period. Something immense happened when he played the song and his writer’s cramp had gone. He started to create again.

”It wasn’t until after I understood that I had needed the dip to develop to get to the next level.”

In the spring of 2017, Robin released the soul track ”Feed On My Love” and wrote ”I Can’t Go On” for Robin Bengtsson in Melodifestivalen. The song won the competition outright and Robin Stjernberg had now succeeded in not only winning as an artist but also as a songwriter – within four years.

The song writing – both for himself and for others – continued and he, with others, wrote the song, ”Sista ordet”, (The Last Word), with Niello. It became a summer hit and together they performed at NRJ, Mix Megapol, Rix FM Festival and on the TV4 show, “Sommarkrysset”.

Robin has found a way to work which is focused but that leaves room for creative movement. His single “Love” is a song he wrote for his best friend’s wedding – just a week before the big day it all fell into place and he wrote the song in 20 minutes. It was a big moment for Robin to both write a song and perform it on such an important day!

Today Robin shares a studio with songwriter and producer, Bobby Ljunggren and is also one of the owners of the publishing company, Freebird Songs.

Oktober 2018 Robin released his long awaited EP ”Under Water”- his most personal and honest collection of music to date. With authenticity usually only found in a personal diary, “Under Water” gives us a glimpse into an incredible journey of vulnerability and empowerment. In an interview, Robin openly says “We often only talk about the good things in life and ignore the rest. But I want to change that and start to paint a more complete picture of who I really am, which you will find listening to this music.

Robin Stjernberg has spent this last year travelling back and forth between Sweden and Nashville, where he, apart from having received a lot of adulation, has collaborated with award winning writers like Liz Rose, Gordie Sampson, Burt Butler and Matt McGinn. He has also been writing songs together with Swedish country star Jill Johnson, producing the hit singles, “My Remedy” and “Are You Ready”.

In recent years Robin has not only worked with several of Sweden’s most popular pop artists, like Omar Rudberg (Om och om igen), Oscar Enestad (Sign Of My Love), Lisa Ajax (Torn), but also for international artists like Benjamin Roustaing and Brandt.

 Robin is highly rated as one of the top singers in Sweden and during the Introducing Nashville concert at the classic venue, Nalen in Stockholm, he cemented his reputation by giving an acclaimed performance  in front of a cheering audience.

 In 2020 Robin has already released a hit single with Jill Johnson (Miles of Blue), started a new band project ( ohFrank) , and written songs for artists such as swedish Estraden (Aldrig mer vara du) and the american hiphop sensation Megan thee stallion (Crying in the car).