One of Sweden’s most talented musicians, an unbelievable music package, artist, singer-songwriter and producer. Robin Stjernberg was born in Hässleholm in 1991. He found his passion for music early in life and at the age of six, Robin was fully determined to become an artist. Following a couple of talent shows and other performances, 15-year old Robin managed to get a recording deal and thereby also became part of the popular boy band What’s Up, with Eric Saade among others. The band released several singles and albums during their three years together, before both Robin and Eric decided to leave in 2010. 

One year later, TV4 got in touch after having seen Robin on YouTube, leading him to audition for Swedish Idol. Robin got all the way to the final and finished in second place after Amanda Fondell. After the final followed a tour and as soon as it ended, Robin packed his things and moved to Stockholm to realize his dream of becoming an artist. During a year, he would participate in various writing sessions for both himself and other artists. Eventually, Robin wrote “You” and sent it to Melodifestivalen. It went well and in 2013, Robin became the first artist to win Melodifestivalen through the second chance round. The fact that he won was a big shock for Robin that he wasn’t prepared for at all, but it was a shock in the best way. Robin’s life was extremely intense after the victory. Idol was a good preparation for Robin, but the level of attention was on a completely different level now. Robin did TV, radio shows and interviews on a daily basis, taking Robin’s career even further.

After competing in the Eurovision Song Contest, where Robin landed at 14th place, Robin embarked on an extensive tour in Sweden. He would perform at festivals around the country with audiences of 15 000 people and “You” eventually reached triple platinum. That summer, Robin also released his album “Pieces”, which reached Gold on its first day. After the tour, Robin kept on writing songs and played loads of concerts. He also decided to learn how to produce and spent a large amount of time learning the craft. Robin worked around 15 hours a day, producing and writing songs for other artists as well as collaborating with songwriters, lyric writers and producers.

In 2016 it all suddenly stopped. Robin lost all his passion and inspiration and felt that he couldn’t create. He unfortunately went into a depression and even considered giving up working within music. It took months to regain his strength, but slowly he started to do the simple things he enjoyed but hadn’t taken time to do earlier, like playing video games and hanging out with friends. Slowly but surely his creativity returned and one day he wrote the song “Rain”, which described this heavy period of time. Something immense happened when he wrote the song and Robin’s writer’s cramp seemed to be as good as gone, so he started to create again.

In the spring of 2017, Robin released the soul track ”Feed On My Love” and wrote ”I Can’t Go On” for Robin Bengtsson in Melodifestivalen. The latter won the competition outright and Robin Stjernberg had now succeeded in not only winning as an artist but also as a songwriter for the second time. That same year, Robin took part in writing “Sista ordet” with Niello, which became a big summer hit and the duo would perform it all over Sweden.

In October 2018, Robin released his long awaited EP ”Under Water”, a very personal and honest collection of music. With authenticity usually only found in a personal diary, “Under Water” gives us a glimpse into an incredible journey of vulnerability and empowerment. In an interview, Robin openly says: “We often only talk about the good things in life and ignore the rest. But I want to change that and start to paint a more complete picture of who I really am, which you will find listening to this music.”

Robin is highly rated as one of the top singers in Sweden and during the Introducing Nashville concert at the classic venue Nalen in Stockholm, he cemented his reputation by giving an acclaimed performance in front of a cheering audience, including both visitors and other artists. Robin has spent the last few years developing himself as an artist, songwriter and producer. During this time he has both written and produced music for other artists, such as Sandro Cavazza, Estraden, Megan Thee Stallion, Dotter, Anna Bergendahl, Jill Johnson and Steps, but he also spent thousands of hours in Stockholm and Nashville with the goal to develop his own artistry. Having received a lot of adulation, Robin has also collaborated with award winning writers like Liz Rose, Gordie Sampson, Burt Butler and Matt McGinn. 

During 2020, Robin wrote and produced songs for some of Sweden’s biggest artists as well as international ones. He also wrote John Holiday’s original song “Where Do We Go” that was performed in the live finale of The Voice chosen by NCB, released the hit duet single “Miles of Blue” with Jill Johnson and started his and Benjamin Roustaing’s new band project ohFrank. Robin released his first solo single in a while, “Pretty”, on January 1st, 2021 and on February 19th the same year he released the remix, ”Pretty – Latte Mix”. He also competed as a songwriter with The Mamas’s entry ”In The Middle” in Melodifestivalen 2021, which ended on third place in the final. Robin is currently working on new music that will be released later in 2021. Stay tuned!